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Hi, I'm Jolly. A hobby that is passionate about baking and has been running Smoke-bbqgrill for years. Always pay attention to the perfect steak and the right grill. On my blog I address all baking related topics. From baking recipes to test reports of the best gas stoves and accessories for a perfect baking experience. Everything I like, can be said.

Because baking has always been my passion. From members in barbecue clubs to many barbecue competitions, everything is available. Today I enjoyed a wonderful steak, of course perfectly grilled, preferably with my family and friends in my garden. That's what baking is all about. I want to convey that on my blog.

When baking, always focus on having fun. But that also needs a little bit of a trick. I want to make it easy for everyone on my blog.


I answer a lot of questions on my blog. The main topics that interest me are:

Testing and writing test reports on GasgriIls is interesting. And for me, delightful gas grill is not a luxury grill that is hard for anyone to and want to buy. But the stalls are affordable and still have everything for a delicious baking experience. Because even if it is often suggested, differences in interest domains are very limited.

Perfect steak. And of course not just steak. How do you get great baking results with satisfied guests who have been talking about delicious food for a long time?

What accessories are really useful and necessary for baking?

Where can I get good meat and how to cook it before baking.

I have clarified some of these in numerous articles. Of course, I always learn and love my hobby of baking with all my passion. Especially during the summer months, you might find me at my barbeque several times a week. Maybe we'll see you there someday. Until then, read happily.

If you have any questions, feel free to write me in the comments section below my post. Maybe I can give you a piece or two of advice.

See you again, Jolly.


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